Year of birth: 2011

Sex: Stallion

Size: 163-164

Colour: Chestnut

Breed: Hann

Place of birth: Germany

Price: by reqest

He is really sport horse with big heart. Easy to ride, very trusfull, strong, fast and  super carefull guy.

Has super nice character and nice type.

Each rider, kid, young rider will feel comfort during the work with him. Never make Stop, jump open water.

Super breave and cooperating horse. Top junior/amateur/childeren horse.

Clear X-rays, he is placing everytime. More video:

Show results:

 " Vivat, Russia":

135 см speed class - 1 pl.

"Spring in Vivat,Russia ":

130 см - 1 pl, 0 pp

Open Cup of Lenin region indor   "Vivat, Russia"

135 см - 1 place, 0 pp

130 см - 5 place, 0 pp

Summer Cup "Vivat, Russia" 24-26.08.2018

130 cm - 0 pp - 1 place

135 cm - 0 pp - 1 place

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