Year of birth: 2009

Sex: Stallion

Size: 171

Colour: Bay

Breed: Westfalien

Place of birth: Germany

Price: 500 € per straw

Approved in Westfalian Horsebreeding Accosiation in 2011 Moenster-Handorf.

Sucsessful 30-days test in Moenster-Handorf, qualify for Bundeschapionat with points 8,2.

"Charco is a beautiful and sportive stallion. Always willing to give his best. He is clever and powerful. In the ring he is super careful and a very competitive horse."

First his steps were successful  with Clarissa Crotta in Lanaken when he was 7 yo horse and he continue  his lucky life with Marco Kutscher.

Charco will add blood and scope to your mare.

Fresh semen can be ordered. WFFS negative

They has much excelent results as follow:

1st place CSIYH1* 2017 Brussels - Stefex Masters ( Bel ) (145 cm)

1st place CSIYH1* 2017 Mannheim ( Ger ) ( 145 cm)

1st place CSIYH1* 2017 Dortmund ( Ger ) ( 145 cm)

5th place CSI4* 2018 Dortmund ( Ger ) ( 150 cm)

2d place CSI4*  2018 Munster ( Ger) Qualification to Middle Tour ( 145 cm)

3d place CSI4* 2018 Munster ( Ger) Final Middle Tour (150 cm)

2d place CSI2* 2019 Neustadt Dosse Grand Prix  ( 145-150 )

2d place CSI5*- W  2019 GP, Leipzig (145)

1st place CSI5*-W 2019  GP, Championat von Leipzig ( 150 )

1st place CSI3* 2019 GP, Herning, Denmark ( 150 )

Together with Marco he begin to compite on the one of the serious serie of shows - Global Champions Tour.

1. Stockholm 2019 CSI5* 1.45 m

Two Phases: A + A, Both Phases Against the Clock - placed 4th.

2. Stockholm 2019 CSI5* 1.50 m

Table A: Against the Clock - placed 5th

3. Monaco 2019 CSI5* 1.45m

Two Phases: A + A, Both Phases Against the Clock - placed 7th

4. Monaco 2019 CSI5* 1.50/1.55m

Table A: Against the Clock with Jump-Off - placed 6th 






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